Our vision is to deliver great digital technology to 4K TV’s, set top boxes, and desktops for entertainment, education, telemedicine, security, and business and personal communications using minimum available broadband resources.

digital video compression

See examples of UHD videos at 1.5 Mbps on the Quick Demo page.                   

The digital universe continues to grow at an amazing rate, doubling every two years and expected to reach 3 million petabytes by 2020.  As digital technology has advanced the storage and transmission of these technologies has fallen behind.  ADC2 Technologies has developed industry leading data compression software to solve this problem while lowering costs, improving user experience, and opening up new applications that otherwise were not available with the current infrastructures.

There is currently a lack of 4k and 8k content because of their computational and storage requirements. However the ADC technology can generate such content with the proper quality by considering that in a final post-processing step, we can start with HD 1080p of size 1980 x 1080 frames, for example, that are considered to be the low frequency components of the Haar WT frames of size 3840 x 2160.  The ADC2 algorithm precisely calculates the 4k pixels from their low frequency Haar WT as described in the patent application.

Similarly, 8k UHD  content can be obtained from HD content by having one more WT processing level to go from 4k to 8k with great precision.

Such content can be easily compressed, transmitted, stored and displayed by the available monitor and TV screen hardware using the pre-processing and post-processing allgorithms with which 4k UHD video requires 1.5 Mbps and 8k video requires 1.75 Mbps compared to the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show predictions that 4k UHD will require 15 Mbps at least!

Reduce costs by up to 90%


Reduce file sizes to 10% of original compressed file


Stream UHD 4K videos at 1.5Mbps


Expand and enhance individual frames up to 1000x

Transmit and receive security video over satellite in real time


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