ADC2 Technologies software works with your current compression technologies to improve quality of video data transmission, reception, and storage over lower bandwidths and at significantly lower costs.

Security and Military Applications

Video compression for security and military applications must fulfill the goal of providing enough quality visual information in a real-time environment.  This way security groups can get the data needed to make important decisions in time to change to a more beneficial outcome.  Large amounts of data must be sent in real time, often from numerous Surveillance devices and in many cases over less than optimal conditions.  Security is branching out to more commonplace  uses in manufacturing and retail for observation and home use to remotely check on children and pets.

Real Time Compression

Video SecurityFor Video surveillance to be used for the purpose of stopping a transgression before it is completed or deploying assistance before it is too late, the video must be viewed in real time.  Video surveillance that has been stored and later reviewed can be useful in learning what happened or identifying those responsible but unfortunately after the fact of what has already taken place.  In the case of video surveillance for safety or to support our military, old data is out of the question.  Some times this real time data is being sent over portable satellite equipment that is being pushed past it’s intended limits.  ADC2 Technologies solves these issues.

Image Expansion and Enhancement

Video RecognitionADC2 Technologies gives security and military personnel the ability to select individual image frames from the video and enhance and expand these frames up to 1000x.  Data that previously had been of no use to these groups can now provide crucial information that can save lives and change outcomes.  Faces, license plates, and other important elements can be blown up with clarity to a size that can be used to carry out their duties to a higher level of excellence.  To see a demo of this in action please contact your ADC2 sales person.

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