ADC2 Technologies software works with your current compression technologies to improve quality of video data transmission, reception, and storage over lower bandwidths and at significantly lower costs.

Other Applications

ADC2 Technologies data compression software can benefit any companies that need to reduce digital video files, improve transmission and reception, save on storage costs, and make previously unheard of high definition applications a reality.  If your company deals with digital video and you would like to learn more about how ADC2 Technologies can improve the way you presently offer your services please contact our sales division experienced in assessing digital media infrastructures and how they can be improved.


TelemedicineSome examples of applications that benefit from using ADC2 Technologies data compression software:

Telemedicine - Remote opinions on medical video and images can be made without reservation by providing the specialists with high definition data on which they can base their decisions.

E-learning - Best practices suggest that we “take advantage” of the best experts available.  E-learning is a perfect example where “access to” to thousands of hours of lectures, demonstrations, and classroom activities help students get the best education possible.

Video ApplicationsSports Teams - Sports teams looking to transmit video of their games or review upcoming competitors can use our software to do so easily and effectively.

Video Editing Companies - These large projects are usually completed with whole teams working on each video.  ADC2 Technologies provides a way to share updates between team members.

Mobile App Developers - Some very popular mobile applications involve the use of videos.  We help you provide the quality that users expect and can do so at a lower bandwidth without any perceptual loss.

We are happy to discuss with you the many other applications that benefit from the use of our innovative software.

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