ADC2 Technologies software works with your current compression technologies to improve quality of video data transmission, reception, and storage over lower bandwidths and at significantly lower costs.

Content Providers

Digital media is responsible for 4% of the worlds revenues and over 50% of the digital universe.  These numbers continue to grow and up to this point have grown at a faster pace then the technology behind it. As the quality of Video Images increase so do the file sizes that are needed to support the video.  Content providers are facing two major issues.  First being transmission, with video file sizes ranging from HD720p all the way to 4K for digital cinema which requires 1.2 Gbps for real time playback.  Secondly being storage, with companies like CNN looking to digitally archive 100,000 hours of shows and CBS with over 1,000,000 tapes to store.


Video Content ProvidersContent providers are looking to provide the best product possible at costs that are not prohibitive for the end user.  ADC2 Technologies helps them accomplish this goal by decreasing file sizes to a manageable transmission size without losing any of the original visual data.  Detractors to digital cinema cite the increased cost of transferring the product to the cinemas.  ADC2 eliminates that objection by lowering these costs to a point more in line with traditional film.  The result is a product that has all the benefits of a digital solution without the drawbacks that traditionalists have brought to our attention,


Digital Video StorageEven though the costs associated with Data Storage have come down on a per Gb basis, the overwhelming amount of new video data that continues to be produced has made these costs skyrocket.  ADC2 Technologies can help content providers get the most out of their existing infrrastructure and slow the need to new equipment as they continue to acquire new content.  This also helps keep their services at attractive pricing to keep exitsing customers and gather new users for company growth.

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