ADC2 Technologies software works with your current compression technologies to improve quality of video data transmission, reception, and storage over lower bandwidths and at significantly lower costs.

Broadband Providers

Broadband Providers must face the challenges of not only supporting the large file sizes and increased usage of digital media files but also the abundance of other data transversing the Internet.  Whether embedding ADC2 Technologies into software or coding it right into hardware (i.e. set top boxes, etc.), broadband companies can now provide high quality service at much lower costs.  Digital movie providers can save up to 80% on their current transmission costs.  For many of these companies operating today we are talking about adding an additional $10-250 million per year to their bottom line.

Transmission Advantages

Video BroadbandBeing able to provide the services that customers have come to expect becomes more difficult as the load traveling over the network continues to grow at such a high rate. Without completely replacing all the current infrastructure from the distribution point all the way to each end user there are more cost effective ways of dealing with this problem.  ADC2 Technologies shrinks the data sizes being transmitted over the network without any perceptible loss in quality,  User experience improves as they don’t have to wait for long download times or watch choppy video as the network struggles to keep up with streaming bandwidth requirements.

Reduce Costs

Digital Video StorageIn addition to the costs that one would expect by eliminating a large portion of what must be sent over the network, ADC2 Technologies helps broadband providers by decreasing many of the hidden costs of operation.  The ADC2 Technologies solution allows you to avoid or delay additional capital costs for equipment along with licenses or software for this equipment.  The additional electricity costs lower.  HVAC Costs to keep the equipment operating smoothly lowers.  Additionally, salaries for support and operation can be kept at their present levels for a longer period of time. ADC2 Technologies helps broadband providers make more money while providing better service,

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